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Why I’m Sorry and Grateful…

If you’re reading this article, I’m sorry. 

I’m sorry that you or someone you love suffers from Post Concussion Syndrome. 

But I’m also grateful that my wife has found healing from her concussion and that now, we can share that healing with you.

Whether you or a loved one are suffering from a concussion, you need to understand two things:

  1. There is hope for concussion/TBI recovery (you too!)
  2. You have lots of treatment options (start with the best)

First – There is Hope for Concussion & TBI Recovery

You’ve probably heard the general medical opinion on concussions – that after 2 or 3 years the brain’s ability to heal slows or stops. Brittny and I were told by 24 concussion specialists and neurologists that further healing was either impossible, improbably, or limited.

But I knew they were wrong. 

From a spiritual perspective, I believe that God created the brain, that He knows how to heal the brain, and that He will teach me how to help my wife. From a scientific perspective, I understand that the brain is plastic and has the ability to adapt and heal. 

We eventually found hope and resources to help Brittny heal.

While it may contradict what your doctors have said or sound too good to be true – I believe that you can heal. Let your desire to heal give you hope that healing is possible. Even if you don’t believe that you can heal yet, lean on my belief that you will. 

Second – You Have Lots of Treatment Options 

The Brain Advocates blog and community will introduce you to hundreds of different recovery options. Everything from optimal nutrition for the brain to the most effective treatment centers in the world. Each option has potential to help you heal, but some are more effective than others. 

Which is why we suggest you start with the treatments that will make the biggest impact on your recovery. Then you can work your way through the rest of your options as you see fit based on how much you’re able to invest financially and emotionally into your recovery.

The Most Effective Concussion Recovery Treatment

The most effective concussion recovery treatment is at Cognitive FX. Their patients experience a 75% improvement of Post-Concussion Symptoms on average after a single week of treatment. I strongly recommend you schedule a free consultation with Cognitive FX to see if their treatment can help you recover. 

After Cognitive FX, Call Plasticity Brain Centers:

Brain injuries are complicated. If you’re only able to afford one treatment, then start with Cognitive FX. But if you can afford to continue treatments, then I suggest scheduling an appointment with Plasticity Brain Centers. Cognitive FX and Plasticity did more for Brittny in a couple weeks of treatment than everything else she’s ever done combined. 

I only suggest calling Cognitive FX first because their treatment encompasses more aspects of brain injury recovery and Plasticity is more specialized. Plasticity runs an amazing program and they offer proprietary treatments that Cognitive FX doesn’t. In fact, Brittny is still actively treating with both of them for different reasons. 

If you only want or are able to do two weeks of treatment to recover from your brain injury/concussion, I suggest scheduling an appointment with Cognitive FX and Plasticity Brain Centers.

After Cognitive FX and Plasticity, You Have Plenty of Options

These are options that you should consider AFTER you’ve worked with Cognitive FX and Plasticity Brain Centers. Ideally, you would do these under the direction of a doctor… But if your experience is anything like ours, your doctors probably wouldn’t refer these to you anyway because of something to do with the FDA, pharmaceuticals, or rules at their clinic. 

As a side note, this is why now I ALWAYS hire doctors from private clinics that don’t take insurance – because they generally have less rules of what they can and can’t tell their patients.