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Eden Carlson’s suffered brain damage when she was almost two years old by drowning in a swimming pool. It took paramedics almost two hours of CPR to get her heart beating on it’s own. Eden was stabilized at the hospital, but on returning home her mother said: “She was a vegetable, unable to do anything… She had a feeding tube, could not speak, and could not sit up.”

The doctors gave her parents a list of normal things that Eden would never do again – talking, walking, or eating on her own. Their neurologist said that there was nothing more they could do for Eden. So her parents, like most Brain Advocates, started doing their own research to find ways to treat brain injuries. Shortly thereafter, they found hyperbaric oxygen treatment.

“We noticed an immediate difference in her,” her mother said. “She was more relaxed, her neuro-storming stopped, she started smiling, laughing, swallowing, tracking with her eyes, and saying words,” Carlson said. Eden starting using words again and speaking in sentences – she sat up, crawled, pulled herself up, and eventually began walking on her own. About five months after drowning and a month after her 40th hyperbaric oxygen treatment, Eden’s new doctors scanned her brain. When compared with the one taken right after drowning, her brain now shows mild residual injury AND “a near-complete reversal of brain shrinkage.”