On this post you’ll find the best concussion recovery doctors in Utah that can help you recover from a TBI or Post Concussion Syndrome.

Brittny worked unsuccessfully with 34 doctors in Utah seeking relief from her post concussion symptoms. Finally, after YEARS of research and trial and error, we found incredible doctors in Utah that actually helped her HEAL from her post concussion symptoms. I’ll introduce them to you here based on their ability to help people with PCS and TBIs recover. If you choose to work with them, let them know that you heard about them from Brain Advocates!

First check out Cognitive FX in Provo

The first thing you should do if you have post concussion syndrome is schedule a consultation with Cognitive FX. Cognitive FX is the most comprehensive, effective, and worthwhile treatment Brittny has done to date (and we’ve spent about $120,000 on different treatments). Their treatment enables the brain to heal and rebuild broken connections. After treatment, Cognitive FX will give your at home exercises to continue your recovery and more connections with specialized doctors for your specific conditions and difficulties.

They’re a hidden gem – we lived 20 minutes away from their world-renowned clinic but discovered them by reading about their results in a few different books (I linked to the books below). Fun fact: when Tom Brady needed neuro-cognitive training, he hired Cognitive FX’s clinical director Dr. Alina Fong, MD, PhD. Dr Fong is also the president of the Utah chapter of the Brain Injury Alliance.

After working with Cognitive FX, go see Dr. Hatch or Dr. Oliver

Hatch and Oliver are both functional neurologists with special training in concussion and vestibular rehabilitation. Both doctors are incredible – I suggest working with whichever doctor can get you in soonest!

Dr. Hatch runs the Brain Rehab Clinic: https://www.brainrehabclinic.com/

Dr. Oliver runs The Neuro Clinic: https://www.theneuroclinic.org/

Then you should work with Dr. Bowden FNP

Dr. Bowden is a Functional Nurse Practitioner (FNP) in Salt Lake City who works at the Rising Health Specialty Clinic. Brittny worked with Dr. Bowden for help with hormone replacement therapy (HRT), NAD+, Tomatis Method therapy, and a handful of other functional health treatments. If you feel like your body should be “working better,” she will help your body work better.

If you need a great Chiropractor…

Lincoln Clifford, DC, is the best chiropractor I’ve ever worked with (I’ve treated with 13 different chiropractors). He runs Align Chiropractic in Provo, has worked as the BYU sports teams chiropractor, and is now highly sought after by professional sports teams. If your body hurts or you’re suffering from the injury that caused your concussion or PCS, schedule an appointment to work with Lincoln – you won’t regret it. 

Suggested Reading For Brain Education

Read These Books First

Concussion Repair Manual

The Brain’s Way of Healing (Cognitive FX is mentioned in this book)

How to Feed a Brain

The Brain That Changes Itself (Cognitive FX is mentioned in this book)

Read These Books Second

Unchain Your Brain

The End of Mental Illness

Brain Warrior’s Way