Cognitive FX Concussion Recovery Treatments Actually Heal Brains!

Cognitive FX patients experience a 65-75% improvement of post-concussion symptoms after a single week of treatment. A few weeks after treatment, many patients report feeling about 90% better. 

Most patients (including Brittny) regain hope in their recovery by the end of the week because they can tell that their brains are working better. After treatment at Cognitive FX, Brittny knew that her brain injury didn’t have to define her anymore.

Results after one week of treatment are so significant that the energy in the clinic starts to liven up – “brains are waking up, plasticity has kicked in, and you can see the lights in people’s eyes!” The Cognitive FX doctors LOVE Fridays because they get to review each patient’s progress with them. 

Cognitive FX Can Help You Heal From Post Concussion Syndrome With “Precision Medicine”

Dr. Alina Fong, Clinical Director and Founder of Cognitive FX, can help you heal your brain injury. “I understand you, I will help you, but it’s not just intuition… It’s using precision medicine and precision medicine to validate what you’re going through and to craft the perfect treatment for you.”

Brittny worked with almost 30 doctors before finding effective treatment – and even did some of the therapies with those doctors before finding Cognitive FX. However, Cognitive FX combined the therapies and ordered them in a way that made them effective enough to create neuroplasticity.

What To Expect During Cognitive FX PCS Treatment 

Cognitive FX post concussion treatment follows their “Prepare, Activate, Rest” model – prepare the brain to heal, activate the brain, and then let the brain rest and restore. Cognitive FX clinicians guide each patient through a customized treatment protocol of prepare, activate, rest based on their brain scans.

Here’s an example of “prepare, activate, rest.” Prepare by sprinting on a treadmill or bike to elevate levels of brain derived nootropic factors (like Miracle Grow for your brain). Activate by completing cognitive therapy, attention, balance, or memory exercises. After activating the brain, patients are generally tired and need a break – which is where resting comes in. Rest by meditating, sensory deprivation, or even just taking a nap.

How Cognitive FX Prescribes Individualized (Perfect) PCS Treatment Plans

Cognitive FX can see, using their fNCI brain scan, where the brain is functioning correctly and incorrectly. Based on that data they can prescribe perfect treatments.

Cognitive FX uses an fNCI to diagnose and craft individualized treatments for each patient. Brittny and other patients with post concussion syndrome have felt validated in their difficulties by seeing the before and after treatment scans as well.

The fNCI at Cognitive FX can show the doctors which areas of the brain are dysfunctioning. This helps them guide their treatment to stimulate under-performing areas and stimulate neurogenesis.  

Cognitive FX is the Gold Standard in Post Concussion Rehab

Cognitive FX’s team working with you is full of PhDs, MDs, neurosurgeons, radiologists, sports medicine therapists, neuropsychologists, speech therapists, neuromuscular therapists, etc. They have the most diverse and well equipped team to help you recover from PCS.

Cognitive FX’s doctors are constantly researching and tweaking treatments in order to improve them. Their science-obsessed doctors are always looking for more effective ways to help people recover from post concussion syndrome. 

How Much Does Treatment at Cognitive FX Cost?

At Cognitive FX, each patient receives two functional MRIs, a cervical MRI, a structural MRI, and a cervical MRI of your neck. They receive about six months of treatment from an array of specialists crammed into a single week. And if you want to know about what they charge for all this, you’ll have to watch the video 🙂 

Is Cognitive FX Worth It?

As a husband helping my wife recover from post concussion syndrome, I would have spent any amount of money for the healing my wife experienced at Cognitive FX. Their treatment was the most effective and transformative experience of Brittny’s recovery. I refer everyone with PCS to work with them because I believe they are the best option to help people heal.

If you’d like to schedule a consultation with them to see if they can help you recover from post concussion syndrome, click here.