Many cognitive enhancement apps exist that have turned brain training into fun games. These brain training games can enhance the cognitive function of people with or without brain injuries. They can be stacked on any concussion repair strategy to increase the intensity of the treatment. Don’t try them all at once though, I suggest using each of them for about a month and then picking your favorite. The brain grows when it discovers new things and makes new connections, so it would probably be most beneficial to rotate through each of these.

However, be mindful that a brain injured person should not increase the intensity of their training to the point that they feel unwell. 

Most Effective Brain Training Apps (that I’m aware of)

Designs for Strong Minds

Dr. Donalee Markus, a treating physician featured in The Ghost in My Brain by Dr. Clark Elliot, designed these digital programs and pen and paper exercises to help people recover from neurodegenerative disorders like Stroke, TBI, and Concussion.  

Brain HQ

“BrainHQ provides the exercise your brain needs to be at its sharpest.” Their app has exercises for your memory, attention, brain speed, people skills, intelligence and navigation.


Lumosity was designed to sharpen mental ability in everyday life. It helps to enhance our cognitive skills like information processing, spatial orientation, and working memory. 


Peak has over 40 games focused on cognitive skills like language, mental agility, memory, problem solving etc. 


Elevate targets specific cognitive skills. For instance, understanding communication, math comprehension, listening skills, reading skills, and learning skills.